Hot Selling Dental UV Sterilizer Cabinet


Hot Selling Dental UV Sterilizer Cabinet


1.The product uses ultraviolet rays for sterilization which is suitable to eliminate the germ on glass,metal,plastic tools.It provides a clean germ-free enviroment for storge of implements.


1.The dental UV sterilizer cabinet is made of metal with luxurious spray painting appearence,good looking,easy to clean;

2.Automatic temperature control,make the temperature inside the sterilization room is constant,provide high efficient sterilization;

3.Can be wall mounted or put desk top.

Product  uses:

1.Put the cabinet on a stable place or hand it on a vertical wall;

2.Please put the tools on the plate wall-distributed after the tool has been cleaned and dry;

3.Make sure that the door control is on before you put on the power;

4.The cabinet is equipped with door control system,the power will be automatically cut off when the door is opened;

5.The sterilization time is 15minutes.

Technology data:

1.Power Supply: 110V-220V 60Hz/50Hz

2.Rated Power: 15W

3.Rated Voltage: 220V

4.Rated frequency: 50Hz

5.Capacity: 27L

6.Disinfection time: 15min

7.Cabinet size:30*23*47cm

8.Package size: 36*28*53cm


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