Hot Selling Dental UV Sterilizer Cabinet


Hot Selling Dental UV Sterilizer Cabinet

The dental UV sterilizer cabinet uses ultraviolet rays for sterilization which is suitable to eliminate the germ on glass,metal,plastic tools.It provides a clean germ-free enviroment for storge of implements.




1.The dental UV sterilizer cabinet is made of metal with luxurious spray painting appearence,good looking,easy to clean;

2.Automatic temperature control,make the temperature inside the sterilization room is constant,provide high efficient sterilization;

3.Can be wall mounted or put desk top.

Technical data:


1.Power Supply: 110V-220V 60Hz/50Hz

2.Rated Power: 15W

3.Rated Voltage: 220V

4.Rated frequency: 50Hz

5.Capacity: 15L

6.Disinfection time: 15min

7.Cabinet size:30*23*47cm

Package size: 36*28*55cm

Gross weight:7kgs


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