Dental Lab Equipment Dental Wax Pot


ental Lab Equipment Dental Wax Pot  WWG-WP003


1.This is one high quality wax pot ideal for all dental applications. Its temperature controlled heating system gives you a broad temperature range of 70°F to 237°F (21°C to 112°C). In addition, this wax pot features an insulated thermoplastic housing which remains cool while wax stays hot!
2.Three Teflon coated non-stick reservoirs
3.Illuminated On/Off switch
4.Indicator light that goes off when unit reaches desired temperature
5.Variable temperatures range = 60°F-270°F (30°C-130°C)
6.Temperature controlled rapid heating

Technical data:

Voltage: 110v-220V,50HZ±10%
Temp Selection: 50°-120°, 122°F-248°F


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