Yesbiotech Intra-Oral X-Ray Sensor Dental USB Digital Intraoral Sensor


Yesbiotech Intra-Oral X-Ray Sensor Dental USB Digital intraoral sensor


Functional Components:
1.YES sensor
The sensor active surface is flat including the size 1 and size 2:
–Size1, universal sensor—Use for regular procedures, both for children and adult .
–Size2,sensor—Use for bitewings procedures.
The sensor non-reactive to X-Rays surface, contains the cable attachment.
2.Control Box
The sensor control box contains all the electronics of the sensor. The two LED light shows whether the sensor is workable.


Intended use:
The Digital dental X-ray imaging system is intended for use by dentists and other practice or clinic employees to transfer x-ray signal which was sprayed from dental x-ray unit to be x-ray imaging signal for reading, storing or transferring for dental clinical diagnosis.
Dental digital x-ray imaging system is consisted of sensor, image controller, image capture system and connection cable (USB port) , connected with PC or notebook via USB cable. The power of controller and sensor is supplied by USB port, require no battery or power charge system. The whole equipment need to work together with imaging software.


Sharing the Sensor Between Rooms:
You can share the sensor between several rooms to provide access for several dentist based on Yesbiotech Server software. The computer must have the Yesbiotech Dentist dental imaging software, and Yesbiotech Server must installed in one computer.
To share the sensor between several computers, move it from room to room. When you connect the sensor to a USB 2.0 port on the computer, the sensor is recognized automatically and is operational.
To share data between rooms, you can connect them to remote data—Yesbiotech Server database. The Yesbiotech Dentist dental imaging software needs only to access a shared database on the same computer or on a remote computer, which means Yesbiotech Server database.


Using the different Positioning Systems:
There are two ways to position the sensor in the patient mouth to get an classic radiology. You may spend some time to adapt due to the rigidity of the sensor.
One method is angular bisector technique, the other method is paralleling technique. It is just the way to position sensor, which can be chosen by practitioner’s experience.
X-Ray Generator Compatibility.
Normally, the sensor is compatible with all generators which meets the present standard of intraoral radiology. You can use a high frequency or conventional generator. To achieve gaining better images, the generator must operate with a voltage of 65 to 70kV.


Technology data:

Size: YES-001

Sensor: APS CMOS sensor
Overall sensor size (L×W): 40×26mm
Sensor Thickness :<6mm
Active Area (L×W): 1450*910 (1.3M)
Total pixels: 1454*918
Dynamic Range : 4096
PC Interface: USB2.0 (full speed)
Supply Voltage(via USB): 5.0V(4.25V min.)
Supply Current(via USB): 500mA max.
Image Transfer Time : 3-4 seconds
Cable Length : 2m
Gross Weight: 1.1 KG/set


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