X Lite 2 15W High Power LED Curing Light With Endo Guide Lens


Product Description

Technical Parameters

3.1 Dimensions: Handle: Ø21mm×201mm;

Charging base: Ø75mm×38mm; (All the above are the maximum size)

3.2 Weight: Handle: 78 grams; Charging stand: 44 grams; Total weight: 190 grams;
3.3 Power
3.3.1 Classification by power supply: powered by rechargeable batteries.
3.3.2 Rechargeable lithium battery. Battery model: 18500. Nominal voltage: 3.7V. Capacity: 2050mAh. The battery is protected against overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit.
3.3.3 Power adapter Input voltage: AC100~240V 50Hz/60Hz Input power: 7VA Output voltage: DC 5V Input current: 0.35A Output current: 2A Built-in fuse: T1A250V
3.4 The performance of LED lights
3.4.1 5W high power blue LED light
3.4.2 Category 1 3.4.3 Emission limit (AEL): 3.9×10-3J 3.4.4 Inspection method: LED lights will glow when used correctly, indicating that the lights are in good condition.
3.4.5 All dental resin materials commonly used in clinical practice can match the wavelength of this curing machine, With resins such as 3M and Dentsply.
3.4.6 The radiation in the wavelength range of 400nm~515nm (blue light) is not less than120mW/cm²
Radiation in the wavelength range of 190nm~385nm (blue light) is not less than 100mW/cm²
The radiation exceeding the wavelength range of 515nm is not less than 100mW/cm²
3.4.7 Optical effective area of light source: 50mm²
3.5 Use environment Environment temperature: +5°C~+40°C Relative humidity is not more than 80% Atmospheric pressure: 75kPa~106kPa
3.6 Equipment safety classification
Classified by operating mode: short-term operating equipment;
Classified according to the type of electric shock protection:
Class II; Classified according to the degree of protection against electric shock: Type B application part;
Classified according to the degree of protection against ingress of liquid: ordinary equipment (IPX0)
Classification of safety degree when used in the case of flammable anesthetic gas mixed with air or flammable anesthetic gas mixed with nitrous oxide: non-AP/APG type.

Installation And Removal Method

4.1 Applicable to model xlite2

4.1.1 The head of the main unit can be rotated 360° left and right.
4.1.2 When charging is usually required, connect the power adapter to the 100V~240V network, and then insert the output plug of the power adapter into the charging jack marked DC5.0V in the charging base, and then put the host into the charging base to charge.