WWG-NB01 Dental Tungsten Steel Nitrate Carbide Burs


Dental Tungsten Steel Nitrate Carbide Burs



1.Material: Tungsten steel,tatinium coated

2.The diameter of burs is 2.35mm. The total length is 4.8cm.

3.Great for grinding both metals (i.e. copper, aluminum, etc.) and non-metallic materials (marble, jade, plaster, etc.)

4.HRA processing hardness = up to 80

5.High efficiency grinding – Up to 1000% more efficient than manual files and wheels

6.Replaces small grinding wheels thereby reducing dust pollution

7.Extremely durable – Lasts up to 10X longer than than high-speed steel cutting tools, and 200 times longer than wheels

8.Allows for smooth, precise, and high-quality cuts and finishes

9.Safe, reliable and easy to use!


11.Various types to choose to meet your demands:

•TF/Taper Flat End

•TR/Taper Round End

•TC/Taper Conical End

•FO/Flame Ogival End

•SF/Straight Flat End

•SO/Straight Ogival End

•SR/Straight Round End

•RS/Rounded Shoulder

•EX/Special Shape

•BR/Ball Round Type

•BC/Ball Collar Type

•Dl/Double Inverted Cone

•SI/Single Inverted Cone

•WR/Wheel Round Edge

•CR/CR lnlay Preparation Diamond Burs

•CD/Children’s Dentistry Diamond Burs


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