WWG-L06 LED Sensor Dental Operating Light


WWG-L06 LED Sensor Dental Operating Light

Quality LED Dental Operation Lamp Reflector Lamp With Mirror

Dental LED Oral Light Lamp Induction Lamp for Dental Unit Chair Operating Lights

Technology data:

Input voltage:AC 12V+-10%
Power Consumption:10W
Amount of one carton:1pc/carton
Luminous intensity:7,000–40000lux @700mm(typical value)
Colour temperature:5000-6,000K


1. Free movement of 3 axises,positioning the light to where you want.
2. Removable handles,easy to clean and easy to mount and dismount.
3.Optimized color of light,Innovational unction of adjusting color temperature.color temperatuer range from 4000-5000K.

4.LED light bulbs, powerful solidifying performance.
5. Imported durable LED bulb, lasting for many years.


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