WWG-L04 Dental Unit Chair LED Dental Lamp


WWG-L04 Dental Unit Chair LED Dental Lamp

1. The dental LED lamp arm is free movement of 3axises,positioning the light to where you want.
2. Removeable handles,easy to clean and easy to mount and dismount.
3.Optimized color of light,color temperatur is 3500-5500K adjustable,similar just like the natural light from your window.the power of light from 450-550 is limited to minimize the effect on the sensitive material use for the restoration,
4. factory calibrated at 700mm(the average length of the human arm).a precise 80X160 rectangular light pattern with uniform intensity is produced.out side the light pattern there are 50% lower illustration level compare to specified requirement in ISO standard-illumination occurs only where you want it to in the oral cavity.not in the patient’s eyes.
5.-level brightness available for choice, inductive method of adjusting.
6.6 LED light bulbs, powerful solidifying performance.
7. Imported durable LED bulb, lasting for many years.

Technology data:
Input voltage:AC 15-24 V
Power Consumption:9W
Dimension of carton:38*37*22 cm
Weight of one carton:3.5kgs
Amount of one carton:1pc/carton
Luminous intensity:8000-30000Lux @700mm(typical value)
Colour temperature:3500-5500K adjustable


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