WWG-DB01 Mani brand diamond denal bur


WWG-DB01 Mani brand diamond denal bur


Diamond Dental Burs is an important part of dental handpiece.It consists of the needle and needle handle.



 .Made of natural diamond powder, with high hardness to guarantee the sharpness of burs.

2.The diamond powder is fixed under high technology and won’t shed massively, which to guarantee the durability.

3.Processed with high precision CNC lathes, the shanks are of highly precise dimension and common axis and wont’t swing, which to make dentists function conveniently and the axes and exletree of handpieces not be damnified.

4.The shanks are made of top-grade stainless steel, which are hard and tensile and don’t break or bend easily or never rusty.

5.Each single box includes 3 burs of the same type. you can choose what you want.6. It is very easy to use, conveniently, and hygiene.
7. Flat-end Tapered type.
8. the head of Diamond Burs contain a large of sand, and coverage widely.
9. Rigidity, sharpness and wear.
10. Excellent quality and reasonable price. 

Technology data:

TF means Taper Flat End.

TR means Taper Round End.

TC means Taper Conical End

FO means Flame Ogival End ,

SF means Straight Flat End .

SO means straight Ogival End

SR means straight round End

EX means special(extra) shape

RS means rounded shoulder

BR means ball Round.

BC means Ball collar Type.

DI means Double Inverted Cone.

SI means Single inverted Cone,

WR means wheel Round Edge

CR means inlay preparation .

CD means Childern’s dentistry.

S means short shank .

SS means super short shank

C means coarse

F means fine

EF means extra fine

CD polishing


We have 153 types Mani Style burs for your choice. You can find the available size from following table.


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