WWG-BLA1 Teeth Whitening Kit


WWG-BLA1 Teeth Whitening Kit



1.WWG-BLA1 Teeth Whitening Kit is our most popular stand model laser uv lamp;
2.WWG-BLA1 Teeth Whitening Kit has steady natural,flexible and convenience appearance design;
3.WWG-BLA1 Teeth Whitening Kit accommodate to pigment nien teeth,internal pigment tetracycline teeth pigmentation teeth and dental fluorosis,teh effect is better;
4.WWG-BLA1 Teeth Whitening Kit has nicer whitening effect,7-10 color ranks to be boosted for one period of treatment.More info please refer to the teeth whitening light manual.
5.WWG-BLA1 Teeth Whitening Kit specialized whitening cold blue lights,low heat remain ensure the patient’s comfort,many customers to use this whitening lights are generally left high praise.
6.WWG-BLA1 Teeth Whitening Kit has total 8 blue Led lights
7.Advanced operation interface,with great convenience and facility,it is easy to operate for each dentist or beautician
8.Easy remove and installing,you can use it anywhere which you like,with a strong carton case which like the pictures show.


Technology data:

Dimension of frame:
Size: height: 142cm; wide: 63cm; arm length: 125cm(longest)
Weight of the teeth whitening light: 18.5kg
Input voltage:AC110-240V,50/60Hz
teeth whitening light whiten hour:10-15minutes for one time, two or three times for a treatment
Amount of LED tube:8 pcs
Function:power;time and A/B group
Dimension of Carton(LXWXH):67*67*28cm
Come with CE certificate(contact with us to get it.)
Come with 3 years guarantee



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