WWG-8802 Multi-media Dental Intraoral Camera


WWG-8802 Multi-media Dental Intraoral Camera 

Technology data:


1.17″ 4:3 multi-media LED (with USB,AV/TV,HDMI and VGA).
2.1/4 picture to divide up and change
3.6 LED bulbs intraoral camera handpiece
4.Could input and output documents




1.CCD 5000,000,Sony CCD intraoral camera
2. auto focus:5-50mm,the lenght of line: 2M
3. LCD :freezing function and 1/4 separate frames , defeniton: 1280*1024
4. memory: 28-112pcs pictures for handle
5. function:take high defenition oral pictures ,managing the records ,communication between doctors with patients,music
6. power supply:110-220V 12V/3A,  the max lenght of the tubes of dental chair :
7. stand are matched:  HTC screen , stand,handle ,telecontroller,USB disk


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