WWG-370LM Portable Dental Suction Unit


WWG-370LM Portable Dental Suction Unit


Semi-Dry  Suction system

1. With an air/liquid separation unit. it used to separates the liquid and solid particles

2. with drain pump system, it discharges the residue of liquid and blood automatically after stopping the vacuum pump /motor. it prevent clogging problems


1. With display crystal screen to show the liquid position of the container, and other working state.
2. Choose drain water by automatic or manual or manual from buzzle/ channel
3. This suction offer one dental chair.



Technology data:

Model NO. WWG-370LM
Voltage 110-220V/50-60Hz
Power 370W
Rated current 2.7A
Motor speed 2800rpm
Maximum pressure 11.5Kpa
Maximum vacuum -11Kpa
Number of dental chairs 1pc
Noise 53DB
Package size 390*360*860mm
Net weight 26.5kgs
Flow 300L/min
Connect  dental unit Quantity (Simultaneous use 100%) 1pc



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