WWG-1500X Vacuum Dental Suction Tube


WWG-1500X Vacuum Dental Suction Tube


WellwillGroup Dental Supply

Semi-Dry  Suction system

① Humanized sheet metal design,Fashion appearance,Meticulous intimate
② 1500W powerful  pump
Strong Suction    power save    safety    Strong powerful  Low energy    Durables
③ Dry suction and wet suction ,all suction clean
During the dental treatment,powerful suction to collect bacteria.saliva , prevent cross infection
④Large flow,support 6-8pcs dental unit
⑤  Filter Equipment
Collect tooth fragment,solid particle; easy disassembly,easy clean
⑥ Silent designing, let clinic with comfortable environment
⑦ Efficient cooling designing,
it can fit any environment.  Efficient reduce pump’s tempretuare, let pump with long life
⑧ Bottom roller ,free movement, flexible stability

Technology data:

Model NO. WWG-1500X
Voltage 110-220V/50-60Hz
Power 1500W
Rated current 11A
Motor speed 2800rpm
Maximum pressure 20Kpa
Maximum vacuum -19Kpa
Number of dental chairs 6-8pcs
Noise 64DB
Package size 1000*520*760mm
Net weight 70kgs
Flow 1200L/min
Connect  dental unit Quantity (Simultaneous use 60%) 8pcs
Connect  dental unit Quantity (Simultaneous use 100%) 6pcs



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