WWG-1100L Vacuum Dental Suction Device


WWG-1100L Vacuum Dental Suction Device


Semi-Dry  Suction system

1. Motive power system adopt width protection IP55 grade as driving, to accomplish turbine circle suction strength with lower nosie , higher pressure ,larger rate of flow

2. Filter system adopt advanced mechanical filter technology in the present water technology,can effective dislodge rubber mass and other solids

3. high efficiency & twice water and air separation system can prevent liquid & blood and bloody bulla of pipeline to suction vacuum pump.high foam compatibility. During high rate of flow, it still have stable separation efficiency. small obstruction , simple maintenance.

Struction and working theroy

1. Inside major structure–Vacuum Pump, Double Air Separation,fans, control system, Air Filter
2. When vacuum pump start working , Air Separation start working also, in order to drain and exhaust directly
3. Screen show working station


Technology data:

Model NO. WWG-1100L
Voltage 110-220V/50-60Hz
Power 1100W
Rated current 7.5A
Motor speed 2800rpm
Maximum pressure 19Kpa
Maximum vacuum -18Kpa
Number of dental chairs 3-4pcs
Noise 62DB
Package size 610*430*820mm
Net weight 32kgs
Flow 600L/min
Connect  dental unit Quantity (Simultaneous use 60%) 4pcs
Connect  dental unit Quantity (Simultaneous use 100%) 3pcs



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