WWG-05A air prophy polisher for teeth cleaning


WWG-05A Dental equipment air prophy polisher for teeth cleaning


Technology data:

Max. Water flow: 30ml/min

Max. Powder flow: 2g-3g/min

Air Pressure: 0.2MPa-0.5MPa

Water Pressure: 0.05MPa – 0.5MPa



1.High- grade material with a stylish design.

2.small and exquisite,easy to operate.

3.360°rotary nozzle to clean more thoroughly.

4.3-points sprinkling,omnibearing,more ideal cleaning effect.

5.Fited with various parts,easy to make a replacement.

6.Light and small ,supporting all kinds of interfaces of mobile phones.

7.Easy plug lock,more convenient for sterilization and cleaning.

8.Blasting evenly without splashing; equipped with a special anti-siphon device; the tube is not susceptible to plugging.


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