WDC-19A Dental Clinic Sterilization Center Dental Cabinet


WDC-19A Dental Clinic Sterilization Center Dental Cabinet  


1.The mobile dental cabinet sterilizer is made of high quality MDF,the surface is made of high pressure laminate formica(180 colors optional) or polished&baking finish(94 colors optional);

2.The tabletop is made of quartz stone,high hardness,anti-penetration,easy to clean;

3.The drawers are made of wood,with high quality drawer slides,good load capacity,durable for using;

4.Drawer handles are made of aluminum alloy,12 colors optional,durable quality;

5.With gloves dispensor,cup holder and tissue dispensor;

6.304 stainless steel sink with foot control high quality faucet;

7.Size:L2500*H2000*D600mm,we can also customize production according to your needs.


1.Upper storge door;

2.Upper cabinet light,2 pcs;

2.Lower storge drawers,11 pcs;

3.Lower storge door;

3.gloves dispensor,cup holder and tissue dispensor;;

4.304 stainless steel sink,1 pc;

5.Foot control high quality faucet,1 pc;

6.Liqud soap dispensor,1 pc;

7.Build in ash-bin,1 pc;

8.All direction LCD monitor arm,optional;

9.Hidden power socket,optional.

Colors optional:


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