Dental loupes and LED headlight

3W Dental LED Headlight

WWG-HL10 3W Dental Led Headlight Technology data:Power3W powerful white LEDsOperation time4 hours for a full chargeCharge time3 hours for a full chargeLife of bulb10,000 hoursColor temperature6000K, w

WWG-HL10 3W Dental Led Headlight


Technology data:


3W powerful white LEDs

Operation time

4 hours for a full charge

Charge time

3 hours for a full charge

Life of bulb

10,000 hours

Color temperature

6000K, white light

Battery pack

Rechargeable polymer Li-on cells


100-240V; 50-60Hz


1.Uniform light distribution

2.Clear illumination

3.Brightness adjustable

4.Color temperature:6000K, white light

5.Power:3W powerful white LEDs

6.Life of the bulb:10,000 hours

7.It can be used together with Wellwillgroup dental loupes.

8.Using the rechargeable polymer Li-on cells, light weight, longlife,and the more comfortable carry.

9. It is suitable for all kinds of surgical operation.

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