Dental Suction Unit

WWG-PRO10 Vacuum Dental Suction Device

WWG-PRO10 Vacuum Dental Suction DeviceFeature:Semi-Dry Suction systemAdvantageFlexible Solutions, can be customizedWWG-PRO10 vacuum dental suction device is special design for large dental clinic and

WWG-PRO10 Vacuum Dental Suction Device


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Semi-Dry  Suction system


Flexible Solutions, can be customized
WWG-PRO10 vacuum dental suction device is special design for large dental clinic and dental can install in the downstairs or same floor.can be customized as your dental unit quantity.
Integrated module design, easy installation
Build-in water pump, water-air separtor system,filter, safety valve and so on,user can connect negative pressure pipeline directly. It greatly simplified installtaion working ,avoid some problem when installation is incorrect, also save some extra installation cost. 
Compact design , reasonable space
Dental suction system’s construction with compact desgin,pipeline desgin with horizontal assembly, very small space need , easy installation
Flexible control ,Intelligent operate
Each Pump of dental suction system can separate control, can adjust pump operation according to clinic’s service condition; also can offer intelligent operate,open or close dental suction’s pump through pipeline sensor, ensure economic utilization of electric energy, also intelligent adjust pump working , extend use-life 
Double protection
Independent water-air separtor system with super grade twice water-air separation , let pump working with reliable ,longer use-life

Struction and working theroy

1. Inside major structure--Vacuum Pump, Double Air Separation,fans, control system, Air Filter 
2. When vacuum pump start working , Air Separation start working also, in order to drain and exhaust directly
3. Screen show working station

Technology data:

Model NO.WWG-PRO10
Rated current15A
Motor speed2800rpm
Maximum pressure32Kpa
Maximum vacuum-30Kpa
Number of dental chairs8-10pcs
Package size1120*750*1150mm
Net weight87kgs
Connect  dental unit Quantity (Simultaneous use 60%)10pcs
Connect  dental unit Quantity (Simultaneous use 100%)8pcs


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