Sterlization Series

Class B Dental Autoclave Sterilizer WWG-B15L

15L Europe Class B Dental Autoclave Sterilizer WWG-B15LTechnology data:VoltageAC 220V ±10%Frequency50/60HzWire plugGB 3 cores/EN 3 coresMax Hp1800VAElectric current10APhysical Space18L/15LClassEurope

15L Europe Class B Dental Autoclave Sterilizer WWG-B15L

Technology data:


AC 220V  ±10%



Wire plug

GB 3 cores/EN 3 cores

Max Hp


Electric current


Physical Space



European Class B standard

Sterilizing temperature


Special sterilization

Kill active HV,HBV,BSE and spore

Dry procedure

Strong vacuum drying,the residual humidity < 0.2%


Digital display




Safety valve, Automatic check

Sterilizing record

There is a micro-printer optional, and a standard USB connector optional for sterilizing record

Water supply system

Two opened Reservoirs(3.5L fresh water and 5 liter waste water reservoirs), easy for sterilization and clean

Water quality detection

Detect whether water quality meet the requirement

Clean procedure

Automatic clean inside pipe and steam generator

Instrument containers

5 levels with 3 trays

Chamber size


Net weight



1.Microcomputer control system for automatic check; imported Motorola sensor for precise control


      2.With precise control, the temperature can be controlled within ± 0.5 during sterilizing


      3.Friendly operation interface, simply and easy


      4.B&D test, vacuum test, convenient for machine behave test


      5.Automatical record of the time of sterilization beginning &end. Clean the inner pipe automatically for avoiding jam after every 100 times of cycles.


      6.The dry time is adjustable according to your will


      7.Omron button, work well for 100 thousands


      8.The machine is dual-purpose, not only for instruments,but also for cotton, on dry condition


      9.With a LCD display you can see the date and curve of sterilization process clearly


     10.Adjustable date&time&language mode according to your will


     11.Adopt imported silicon tube, high pressure and high temperature resistant


     12.Opened reservoir, convenient for cleaning, avoiding chloramphenicol alive


     13.Alarmed automatically when the storage tank is empty and the waster tank is full so that you don't need to worry for this problem


     14.Water quality sensor can test the quality of distilled water, reduce the failure rate


     15.One-piece chamber is made of imported 304 stainless steel
     16.Safety valve ensure the chamber can release the pressure safely at emergency


     17.Double doors locking-system, mechanical lock with electrical lock,the machine can't open until the pressure turn 0


     18.Multi-safety protection system, which can ensure the safety of the operator


     19.Air-conditional heat removal system, prevent the machine from over-heating


     20.Adopt the ABS plastic, whole model produce


     21.Imported Italy water pump


     22.Imported two-head vacuum pump with leather cup, vacuum more completely


     23.The machine plane can adjust by adjustable pad, provide a gradienter for free


    24.Optional printer, with a internal USB module as standard collocation to record the sterilization process


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