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WellwillGroup Kid Dental Chair W602

WellwillGroup Kid Dental Chair W602 Specifications:Power:110V/220V 50Hz 2AAir pressure:>0.55MPa(clean oilless dry )Water pressure:0.2MPa~0.4MPa Standard equipment & features:◆Special For C

WellwillGroup Kid Dental Chair W602 


Power110V/220V   50Hz  2A
Air pressure>0.55MPa(clean oilless dry )
Water pressure0.2MPa0.4MPa


Standard equipment & features:

◆Special  For  Children Design; 
◆Injection Model Plastic; 
◆Apple Side Box ;
◆Lovely fish connected or moveable instrument tray ;
◆Normal operation light; 
◆Water Suction and Saliva Ejector system
◆Three way Syringe (one for hot and one for cold),2pcs 
◆Built-in Water purified System 
◆Built-in Clean And Disinfect System for the water pipe in the machine 
◆Turnable Cuspidor,and easy clean system 
◆Automatic Heating water system
◆AC X-film viewer 
◆Dentist Stool,2pcs
◆4holes highspeed handpiece tubing    2pcs
◆4holes lowspeed handpiece tubing     1pc

Optional Accessories:

◆high power suction machine
◆KAVO handpiece or handpiece made in China
◆scaler (import or made in China)
◆curing light(import or made in China)
◆dental compressor withou oil
◆six way syringe (Intaly import)

 Detail pictures:

WellwillGroup Dental Supply

Name:kids dental chair backrest,seat and extension seat


Material:PU or microfiber leather

WellwillGroup Dental Supply

Name:Dental instrument tray

Feature:Lovely fish design instrument tray,with X-ray film,5 positions for 3 way syringe,

suction,handpiece and ultrasonic scaler


WellwillGroup Dental Supply

Name:Assistant tray

Feature:Carton design,for 3 way syringe,strong suction,weak suction,

LED curing light and intraoral camera

WellwillGroup Dental Supply

Name:DV player

Feature:Can watch cartons or listen music,release pain and fullfill treatment

WellwillGroup Dental Supply


Feature:Apple design ceramic cuspidor,can reduce pain during trearment

WellwillGroup Dental SupplyName:24V DC motor,max load 8000N