LED Curing Light

660 Colorful Cordless LED Curing Light

new design big 5 W power colorful cordless LED curing lightFeature:1.Imported high power LED, 5W2.Blue-ray output, wave length:420-480nm3.Time setting:10s,20s,30s,40s4.Gradually bright, shiny, bright-

new design big 5 W power colorful cordless LED curing light


1.Imported high power LED, 5W

2.Blue-ray output, wave length:420-480nm

3.Time setting:10s,20s,30s,40s

4.Gradually bright, shiny, bright-wide. Adjustable power, the work of four models to choose

5.Four gear output timing:10,20,30,40 seconds

6.The two digital display, multi-state transmission of information.

7.Blue-ray illumination: 5W≥1500Mw/CM2

8.The handle covered by ANS painting

9.5 colors available,choosing according to your favourite.

Technology data:

Capability of battery: 2200mA/h 3.7V
Input Voltage: AC 110-240V 50-60Hz
Wavelength: 420-480nm
Light power: more than 1500mw/cm2
Solidify depth: 5s/3mm
Time select: 5s-40s
Battery standby time: 90 days
Full charging to work with 10s each time, can be used continuously more than 500times

Detailed Picture:


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