Brushless Dental Micromotor

WWG-EM01+ Touch Screen Brushless Dental Micro Motor Inner Water Spray With Light

dental micromotor

WWG-EM01+ Touch Screen Dental Micro Motor (Table-top Version)

Technology data:

Electric micromotor
System:Vector system
Torque output:3.5
Speed range:2000rpm-40000rpm (1:1)
LED light>25000LUX
Light:white LED
135℃ autoclaved sterilization(only for micromotor)
Noise:less than 60DB
volume:72mm  Ø 22m
Weight:68 g
Power input:DC 30V


WellwillGroup Dental Supply

WellwillGroup Dental Supply

1.Brushless electric dental micro motor,silent and free from maintenance;

2.Inner channel spray,easy to operate;

3.LED illumination,super brightless like sunshine;

4.The motor is light weight,mini size,perfect balance,135°C autoclave,fatigue free after long time use,powerful functions;

5.The speed can be adjusted from 100-200,000rpm according to the difference treatments and different handpieces.

WellwillGroup Dental Supply


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