Quality Select Dental Implant Surgical LED Light Source Dental Lamp


Quality Select Dental Implant Surgical LED Light Source Dental Lamp

Product Description
1.The implant surgery lamp is the world’s first special dental lamp designed for implant surgery.
2.It has a large projection angle, good shadowless effect (at 700mm, the measured value of the dental lamp shadowlessness test is 0),
3.and high brightness ( The highest can reach more than 120,000 lux); different color temperature options (4000K-5500K)
4.and color temperature 7 levels can be adjusted;
5.the light spot fully meets the rectangular light spot required for oral surgery, the light body (net weight 2.28kg) can be placed on the dental chair, the ceiling Or it can be mounted on a mobile trolley for flexible use and easy adjustment;
6.the light depth of field is large, and effective lighting can be obtained even at a distance of 900.
7.Camera system can be added.
8.Digital display of color temperature and illuminance can accurately obtain the best lighting effect.
9.This lamp is also an ideal choice for ENT surgery and cosmetic surgery (the spot is small and rectangular, the illumination is bright, and the shadowless effect is good).

 Input voltage:AC 12-24 V

Power Consumption:7-30W (Rated power 54W)

CRI: 85%

Bulb power: 2.4-2.6V
Shadow(solution) < φ2

Luminous intensity:7,000–120,000lux @950mm(typical value)
Colour temperature:4,000-5,500K adjustable

Dimension of pattern: 85x160mm

Net weight: 2430g/2970g(with the camera)


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