Quality Dental Unit Comfortable Dental Chair

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Quality Dental Unit Comfortable Dental Chair



Rail-type chair frame (with compensation mechanism): The chair frame slide rail adopts aluminum alloy track control transmission
mechanism, and a large-load fast motor is installed to make the operation fast and stable, achieving the ideal experience of
man-machine integration. The metal parts of the chair frame are produced by laser cutting molding process, and the key parts are
produced by die casting (aluminum alloy), with high precision and reliable quality.










The headrest backrest and seat cushion are made of environmentally friendly PU (optional ultra-fiber leather), and the materials
meet international environmental standards. The new installation design can be quickly unloaded, which is convenient for daily
cleaning and care.










The chair frame is designed with foot pads. The foot pads are made of PP environmentally friendly chemical resistant materials and
injection molded. They can be directly cleaned with disinfectant detergents and are easy to use.












The headrest adopts double-joint design, can be adjusted to adapt to various people, and is equipped with a handle locking device,
which is simple and easy to use, safe and reliable.







The chair frame is equipped with an emergency stop device and an automatic compensation function, which can effectively protect the safety of users in the event of various dangerous emergencies.













Assistant control system, equipped with 3-way syringe, strong and weak saliva suction device and stainless steel tray. The
rotating rod can be flexibly rotated, which can meet the user’s more space requirements and is convenient for four-handed
operation in the medical room.







The new cart-type instrument tray can adjust the height up and down according to the user’s requirements. The separated design can
effectively reduce the load of the chair frame and improve the stability of the chair frame. The tool tray is made of high-quality
stainless steel and aluminum alloy, integrated with a multi-function circuit control system and an integrated handpiece rotating
bracket, which can meet the various needs of users.








The LED shadowless operating lamp adopts green and environmentally friendly low-consumption lighting technology. The light
provides close to natural light color temperature lighting and high color fidelity color rendering index. While ensuring the
excellent LED shadowless lighting effect, it extends the use of the bulb Longevity, to ensure the smooth operation of doctors.







Handcart type instrument tray
1 set
Rail type chair frame
1 set
Eco-friendly leather cushion
1 set
9 memory control system
1 set
Double joint adjustable protective headrest
1 set
Build in junction box
1 set
Multifunctional foot switch
1 set
LED lamp(adjustable light color,dual control)
1 set
Integrated LED film riewer
1  set
Spittoon device (rotateable and detachable)
1 set
4 hole handpiece tube
3 sets
3 way syringe (cold/hot)
2 sets
Assistant control system
1 set
strong and weak suction filter device
1 set
Water storge tank(with indepent water supply device)
1 set
Operation stool
2 pcs

Optional accessories:

PU leather cushion high/low sped dental handpiece Woodpecker build in scaler Build in LED curing light Intraoral camera Endoscope system
Product Paramenters
Air source
Airepressure 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa,Flow>50L/min,oil free
Water source
Water pressure 0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa,Flow>10L/min,hardness<25 degrees
Power supply
AC 100-240V,50/60HZ,350va
Realtive humidity
Work space
Length>4000mm,models>2600mm,height >2000mm