Portable digital dental X-ray machine X60


Portable digital dental X-ray machine X60



1.This portable X-ray machine  is small size,light weight,Simple operation,good quality,full-featured,excellent image quality and nearly no radiation.

2.Optional:AC,battery,AC battery dual-use

3.Optional:Various fixed

4.Optional:controlled by remote or hand switch.

5.Suitable for each country power supply.

6.This portable X-ray machine is very convenient for dentists visiting their patient out of the clinics.

7.This unit is specially designed to produce high-quality dental x-ray images.

8.While using a small amount of radiation there is no need for protection. There are films included for testing purpose and all the consumables can be replaced by othersimilarproducts. Effectively diagnose your patients and follow-up on prior treatments with our brand-new, low-radiation X-Ray machine.

9.Non-film inspection and storage can be realized when corresponding to a sensor.


Technology Parameter:


Tube voltage 60kV
Tube current 1mA
Exposure time 0.02~2S
Tube focus 0.3*0.3mm
The distance from skin to cone 130mm
Frequency 30 kHz
Battery DC14.8V6400mA
Rated power 60VA
Charger input AC100V-240V
Charger output DC16.8V
Weight 2.2kg
Size 138x165x185mm


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