Portable Dental Turbine Unit WWG-BD01

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Portable Dental Chair Manufacturers China WWG-BD01



This portable dental unit hot sale with air compressor is comes as a aluminium alloy suitcase,it is small size and light weight,easy to portable with dentist to anywhere.It has complete function as a dental unit,combine with aiir system,water system,high suction and drainage.

This portable dental unit is free of maintanance,the oil free motor without any lubricated oil, drainage bottle is more convenient to remove and sterilize.

Standard accessories:

Oiless Air Compressor Motor   1pc
3 Way-Springe  1pc
High Speed Handpiece Pipe 1pc
Low Speed Handpiece Pipe 1pc
Built in Ultrasonic Scaler 1pc
Built in LED Light Curing Unit 1pc
High Suction(Ajust)  1pc
6L Air Tank  1pc
Water Bottle 1pc
Drain Bottle 1pc
Foot Control 1pc


Technology data:

Description portable dental chair/portable dental unit
Voltage 110~240V 50/60Hz
Power 550W
Air flow 130L/min
Working pressure 0-0.8Mpa
Working noise 40dB
Package size 54*41*75 cm
Net weight 31 kgs


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