One to three Medical Air Compressor WA-345A+


One to three Medical Air Compressor WA-345A+

Technology data:

Voltage: 220V/110V

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Power : 1100W


Rated exhaust pressure: 0.8MPa

Noise: 65-70dB

Bottle volume : 60L


Intelligent drainage time setting:1-40 hours


Package size:83*48*70cm

Supply for 3 pcs dental unit



Unique Advantage:

The oilless air compressor paint both inside and outside,rust protection;

The motor use copper wire and special design , with four screw fix the two side of motor,the motor not easy broken;

The oilless air compressir equiped with silent box,can reduce noise;

Intelligent timing drainage design,drainge time can set from 1 to 40 hours;

Every spare parts of WA-345A+ oilless air compressor is good,thicker tank, bigger and high quality solenoid,balloon valve,bigger and better drain valve,make thw quality much better than other compressor,can work at least 5 years;


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