LIZ-06 Low Speed Inner Water Handpiece


LIZ-06 Low Speed Inner Water Low-speed Handpiece Kit

Technology data:


.One set:Straight handpeice. Air motor , Contra angle

2. Description:Screw type ,Low Speed Handpiece 1:1 Ratio,with Internal Cooling System
3. Air Pressure:2.5-3.0 kgf/cm²)
4. Water Pressure: 198Kpa (2kg)
5. Rotation Speed: 18,000-21,000 rpm
6. Chuck Type: Latch Type
7. Bur Applicable: Φ2.334-2.355mm
8. Noise: ≤70dB


1. Patent technology: self-lubricating of Air motor

2.Water and air are separately divided

3. with dust-proof cover on the head of straight handpiece

4.Distinctive design of the appearance

5.Very cool water spray function

6.Adopts imported bearing on Contra angle

7.Warranty for Contra angle is one year, for Air motor and straight handpiece is 2 years.


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