JG-C3 Best Quality Dental Phantom Head Fit Dental Unit


JG-C3 Best Quality Dental Phantom Head Fit Dental Unit


1.Material for face mask:import silicone,soft,elastic,anti-aging,outfall is removeable,mouth part have special process to protect from tearing and easy to install and clean;

2.Skull:Injection of high quality ABS material,with 3 times paint,high impact and abrasionresistance, and a low coefficient of friction,appear to real man,has nice appearance,easy to adjust angle and height;

3.Articulator:aluminum alloy die-casting, smooth surface, aluminum alloy surface using metal paint process,easy to install; The springs and cardan joints and the cardan shaft are made of stainless steel,durable;

4.Teeth model:removable soft gingiva, soft tongue, removable teeth,A variety of dental teaching models can be selected for imitating head models;

5.Shoulder:High quality ULC material,one timerolling molding,anti-impact;

6.Can be used for each subject for themselves models or teeth.Match up with it silicon rubber mould and connector to practice it can make the gypsum model are made from seprate teeth to practice in phantom head.

7.Jaw forward condyle Angle 30°;

8.Distance between the head on both sides of the condyle Lateral condyle Angle 25°;

9.The distance between the two condyles is 135 mm;

10.Mouth opening height 60mm(adjustable)

11.Head rotation angle:55° to left and right side and 5°-55° behind and front side.

12.Can be alternative with head of most brand dental units,simple and easy to operate.


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