DS-JT5 Dental workstation with vacuum


DS-JT5 Dental workstation with vacuum


Plexiglass of high transparency forms a closed working space for polishing. The unique design of double suction hood enables dust suction from both above and below the working platform, realizing dust-free operation in dental labs. With a wooden working platform that can be adjusted both upward/downward and forward/backward, and an upper suction hood that can be adjusted in different directions and opened/closed independently, each dental technician can find a working posture that suits him most. In addition, the workstation is equipped with perfect lighting, automatic retrievable air nozzle, storage drawers, as well as an automatic foot control for both the handpiece and the dust collector(one Korean handpiece included). The user can simply control the dust collector and handpiece simultaneously with one pedal. This design can increase the lifespan of the motor by 200% and reduce the power consumption by 300%.(The product life and power saving improvement tests are individual tests, they may be invalid under certain operating environments. )

Technical Data:


Power Supply: 220V/110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 650W
Air Volume: 172m³/h
Max. Pressure: -16kPa
Noise Level: <68dB
Dimensions: 124cm x 75cm x 55cm (H W D)
Shipping Dimensions: 140cm x 85cm x 65cm (H W D)
Weight: 70kg

Parts Included:

Fluorescent Lighting System×1
Air Nozzle×1
Backup Power Socket×1
Dust Extraction System×1
Tools Drawer ×2
The cover of suction Hood ×2
Handpiece Control Assembly ×1
Micromotor Handpiece×1
Stainless steel Tabletop×1 (Optional)
Technician Stool×1 (Optional, please refer to C450)


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