Dental X-ray Sensor/APS CMOS Sensor/Digital X Ray Sensor


Hot Selling Dental X-ray Sensor/APS CMOS Sensor/Digital X Ray Sensor Trident DS530


1.APS CMOS sensor
2.USB output
3.CE approved

Dental Digital X-ray System APS CMOS Sensor USB output including software CD


Made in Italy


There is multiple language option in software for most of countries,English,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Japan,Korea and Germany when installation.


suggested operatin system: windows 7


1.Sensor external dimensions: 39.0×23.0x2.5mm
2.Sensing region: 30X20mm (600mm2)
3.Sensor pixel region: 1580X1050 pixels
4.Sensing Pixel: 1.5 million pixels

5.Pixel size: 20X20um
6.Resolution: >20 line / mm
7.Life: >100,000 times


9.Use Lift time:>100,000times

10.Line Long (Material – PU): 2m
11.Grayscale: 16bits
12.Connection: USB Standard

13.Working contdition: 0°C ~ +50°C

14.Waterproof grade IP67

– APS CMOS sensor
– Direct and quick USB output
– Build-in image transition chip
– Do not need the program box, convenience and terseness


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