Dental Lab Equipment Twin-Pen Dental Lab Sandblaster DLS-01


Dental Lab Equipment Twin-Pen Dental Lab Sandblaster DLS-01

Technology data:

Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz

110 V / 60 Hz

Power<50W (lamp 25w)

Pressure≥ 4kg/m2

Sand granularity:80mesh/120mesh

Optional part:Dust Collector


Package size:51×49×38cm

Net Weight:≤20kgs

Gross weight:about 21.5kgs


The dental lab equipment twin-pen dental lab sandblaster DLS-01 is used to polish the surface of porcelain crowns, it is a necessary dental equipment.The twin-pen can be used to polish materials of different hardness. It has a large window, the transparent bottles enable users to observe the state of the sand during the sandblasting process.



strong sandblasting power;

smooth and accurate operations;

easy to repair.


User Instruction:

1. Check if all the accessories are inside the carton after unpacking. Read user manual carefully before use.

2. Connect all the tubes and accessories to corresponding socket.

3. Plug in the air supply pipe after set up valves of the sandblaster. ( pressure>4kg/cm, amount of  air supplied more than 80L/min )

4.  Put quartz sand (120 meshes) into the machine. It is advised that sand in the container be less  than ½ of the container capacity.

5.  Turn on the light and the power on the right.

6. Put the casting into the working chamber from the observation window. Hold the casting aside.  The distance between the casting and the nozzle should be within10mm.

7. Step on the foot switch to activate the sandblaster; and the sand will spout out from the nozzle.(Control the sand spouting by pulling or  pushing the black button on the right)

8. Move foot away from the foot switch after the casting surface  polishing is done; the sand will stop spouting out. Open the observation window and take out the polished casting. Turn off the power  supply after use.


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