Dental Lab Equipment Single-Tube Gas Light WWG-GL02


Dental Lab Equipment Single-Tube Gas Light  WWG-GL02


This is an energy-saving gas light with well combustion and strong flame.

1.All purpose propane and/or gas lab burner
2.It make this gas light save energy

Operation manual:

1.Please turn off the working value spindle ⑧  before connect with gas.
2.Connect the gas supplier with the Air-supplier tube ⑦;
3.After confirming that no gas leak, turn on the air-supplier valve ⑦, and turn the working value spindle ⑧ lightly. And kindle at the kindling cover ① with naked flame.
4.Control the flame strong / weak by adjusting flame adjustment ring ③ and working value spindle.
5.Note to turn off the fires and all valves after duty off .
6.This gas light is suitable for bottled or pipeline nature gas / coal gas / oil gas.


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