Dental Lab Equipment Sensor Electric Induction TINY Wax Knife


Dental Lab Equipment Sensor Electric Induction TINY Wax Knife WWG-WC111

This dental lab electric waxer is for dental, jewelry trade, industry, industry of die carving, wax carving and so on.


1. Press any button, the signal will be display
2. It’s significant advantage is the long use time
3. The constant DC voltage ensures temperature stability
4. The working temperature can be kept even after power off
5. The LED displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
6. Good heat conductivity, long use time and easy to operate
7. Visual control button make the operating more conveniently
8. The LED visual control button makes the operating more conveniently
9. 2 circuits have been arranged, and they can operate at the same time
10.The different voltage modes make the voltage 100-240v available and switch easily
11.The Siliceous handle ensures the operation more relaxing even working time is long
12.The setting of accurate temperature has been maintained by the digital central processor circuit
13.The function of control and reset the accurate temperature,ensure the long use time and high heat conductiveity

Technical data:

Input:AC 100-240V,50/60 HZ


Safe electric current:2A



Net weight:0.23kgs


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