699 Broad Spectral Wireless LED Curing Light Dental


699 Broad Spectral Wireless LED Curing Light Dental 


1.Broad spectral LED curing light,wave length is 385-515nm,can active any material,Especially suitable for orthodontic bracket bonding and aesthetics repair material;

2.Big power,at least 1700mW/cm2;

3.3000mAh, high-performance lithium battery.

4.The emergency function, even if the empty battery connect to the AC adaptor, it can be used normally.

5.Head design with rotatable, it can rotate with 330 degrees.

6.15mm light source head Its much better operability for you in curing the teeth for patients, they do not need to open the mouth too much.

7.Rotatable design head, can rotate with 330 degrees.

8.When the irridiation distance in treatment parts with 5mm, it still remain 80% light intensity,  perfectly in orthodontic bracket bonding Designed with optional engineering technology.

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Technology data:

1. Capability of battery: 3000mA/h 3.7V

2. Input Voltage: 110-240V, AC.50-60Hz

3. Wavelength: 385-515nm

4. Light power: more than 1700mW/cm²

5.  LED power 5W

6. Weight of handpiece 93g


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