435L X-ray film processor


435L X-ray film sensor 

Suitable range:X-ray film,MRI,CT,galas tophore etc.

Technology data:

1.Developing film size: 3”x4”~14”x17”

2.Max. Developing width: 17”(435mm)

3.Machine tube volume develop: 11L

4.Developing speed:100s-450s adjustable

5.Developing tempature:20°C-40°C adjustable

6.Fixing tempature:20°C-40°C adjustable

7.Dring tempature:0°C-80°C adjustable

8.Developing capacity: 120pcs/h (14”x17”)

180pcs/h (10”x12”)

9.Chemical replenishment:20-400ml/min(adjustable),auto stop if no film

10.Water replenishment:2l/min(processing adjustable),auto stop if no film

11.AC220-240V, 50/60HZ,1.5KW

12.Packing dimension:1080*560*600mm

13.Net weight:50kgs;Gross weight:75kgs

14.Noise: ≤55db


1.Equiment figure:New designed body and beautiful look.Taking films very expediently due films turn above;

2.Equipment frame:Narrow frame make operate easily and break,install simply.Easy to clear,check and repair;

3.Install & adjustment:Occupy small ground,install very freely,fit full dark room or half dark room;

4.Film-sending frame:For U shape continue and no touch guide system design,no risk of film jamming or scratch and body shadow.Though full developing,fixing and washing,image make very clear and no change for long time;

5.Critical parts:The rollers’ material can resist high-temperate and crystallization.No change shalp and swell for using long time;

6.Circuit control:Microprocessor controls heating,automatic check and touch films,replenishing chemicals.

7.Energy-saving:Keep sleep situation when no films need process after a while.Stop heating and rolling,then cut enter water.This can save energy.


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