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      Portable Dental Turbine Unit With Suction WWG-WT002A

      Stainless steel desk type portable dental turbine unit,with 1 pc 3 way syringe tip,1 pc weak suction tip,1 pc handpiece tube and 1 pc 600ml clean water bottle.

      1. Detailed Information

      Stainless steel Portable Dental Turbine Unit WWG-WT002


      1.This portable dental turbine unit is easy to operation,only need to connect with air compressor and can work as dental unit;

      2.Good looking,small size,humanization design;

      3.Stable quality,reliable performance,good choice for dentist;

      4.The spare parts inside are made of cooper,make sure the durable quality.

      Standard accessory:

      3-way air/water syringe .....1set

      Weak suction tip .............1set

      Dental air turbine Handpiece tube .....1set
      Clean water bottle 600ML .....1set

      Foot pedal .....1set

      Optional accessory:

      •High speed handpiece

      •Low speed handpiece

      •Fiber optic handpiece tube 
      •Fiber optic handpiece circuit board 
      ultrasonic scaler
      LED curing light
      oil free air compressor
      vacuum pump suction Machine
      •Intra oral camera and monitor
      dental x-ray machine


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