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      WWG880 Build in webcam 15 inch white dental monitor with SONY CCD intraoral camera system for dental chair


      1. Detailed Information


      * 15 inch LED monitor with touch buttons 
      * 1.3 CCD oral camera 
      * The monitor with Webcam 
      * With SD card, Pictures can be save 


      1.Perfect combination of intraoral camera and monitor.
      2.With SD card memory, solve the problem photos cannot be saved.
      3.Monitor could take picture for patient head with built-in webcam,in order to save files.
      4.It could compare with quad function.
      5.It could manage data after connected with computer, or display multi-media file in monitor.
      Oral Camera Handpiece:

      Display buttons illustration:

      A: Power on/off
      B: Toggle key for oral camera and webcam.
      C: Toggle key for oral camera and PC(VGA)signal.
      D: Toggle key for wire/wireless oral camera.
      E: Toggle key for single and quad image.
      F: Remote control IR receiver and power indicator.
      G: Delete key
      H: Page Down
      I: Page Up.
      J: Volume Up
      K: Volume Down
      L: Monitor Handle.
      M: Camera Holder:
      N: Monitor built-in webcam.

      Display back illustration:

      1).Monitor and holder connection:

      Fix LCD holder with screws in a,b,c,d holes

      2).Monitor connection port illustration:

      A: DC 12V power in
      B: Pedal in
      C: Video voice R-CH input:
      D: Video voice L-CH input
      E: Video input
      F: USB port to connect with PC video and voice
      G: VGA port for PC signal input
      H: External oral camera port
      I: Wire oral camera port

      3).SD card and external USB port:

      A: SD CARD
      B: USB 2.0 (It can be used when connected with PC)

      4)Camera wireless receiver port(For wireless camera only):
      5)WIFI sender antenna(optional).




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