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      WWG-300 USB X-ray film reader

      USB X-ray film reader

      1. Detailed Information

      WWG-300 USB X-ray film reader


      USD X-ray reader Technology data:


      Power: DC 5V(Provided by PC) 
      Input Current: 300mA 
      Signal output: USB 2.0(all digitize) 
      Resolution: 1600(H)*200(V) 
      Cable length: 3M 
      Device Size: 70*84*80(mm)


      USB X-ray film reader Feature:

      *WWG-300 model can be designed to enlarge the X-ray film 50 times of images. 
      *It can be transmitted images into PC directly via USB cable and then the images will transfer to digital one immediately. 
      *It can read any standard dental X-ray film and arrange the entire mouth teeth position chart with the software. 
      *Can make tube of teeth measuring, angle of teeth measuring, partly enlargement and fringe reinforcement all will be available. 
      *Can be adjusted image contrast, lightness and color. 
      *Images can be treated to be blurred, sharpened, reverse and false colorized. 
      *Each teeth position sequence number can be showed when pressing standard overview oral teeth position picture. 
      *Can make image of X-ray film be transferred, saved and adjusted. 
      *It can transform correlative data into compact disc in order to be stored. 




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