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    1. Portable dental X ray unit X40
    2. Portable dental X ray unit X40

    Portable dental X ray unit X40

    1. Detailed Information

    Portable digital dental X ray machine X-40


    The model X-40 combines the advantages of X ray machine found at home and abroad; X-40 eliminates the shortcomings of the on-frequency X-ray machine (high current intensity and excess amounts of scrap x-rays).The tube voltage frequency of this machine is 30 KHz,and the tube current is 0.1 MA. The radiation scope is at an angle of 24 degrees, located within a distance of 1.2 meters ahead. This is an innovative Chinese design named the "Green X-ray Machine."




    1. High-frequency design makes unit portable and compact, saving you  space!
    2. Dental X ray unit X-40 50/60Hz X-ray machine allows you to precisely control exposure time and repitition, providing consistent, customized images.
    3. Simple internal structure makes for easy operation and maintenance
    4. Delivers fast response speeds and higly-accuracy output indexes
    5. Adjustable KV (revolutions per minute of engine) and MA
    6. Can be powered directly from regular DC outlet (Unlike other Large-scale  50/60Hz X-line machines, which usually require special electrical wiring)
    7. Features a Toshiba 0.3x0.3 micro-focus spherical kinescope, ensuring crystal-clear images
    8. Uses 30mm × 40mm Kodak film
    9. Can be controlled from the mainframe, headtube, or remote control


    Technology Parameter:



    tube voltage


     tube current


     time of exposure

     1-9S adjustable

     radiation leakage


     rated power


     exterior size



    AC220±10%  50Hz±2%

     nvironmental temperature


     relative humidity


    Packng details:


     Aluminum case weight: 3.5 kg. Total weight of aluminum box and machine 8 kg. Aluminum case size: 51 *40*18 (cm)  

     Carton total weight: 5.2 kilograms,Gross: 4.8 kilograms. Carton size: 47 *42 *19 (cm)


    Detailed Picture:


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