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      KF-04Q MULTIflex Fber Optic Quick Coupler

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      1. Detailed Information

      dental KAVO MULTIflex handpiece quick coupler supplies

      High Speed Handpiece water adjustable quick coupling compatible with KAVO MULITflex system


      1. Easy and flexible

      • Simply exchange the high-pressure, quartz halogen bulb with the KaVo MULTI LED
      • Easily retrofit your dental treatment centres from a single surgery to the entire practice
      • No downtime or repair time: independently exchange the LED in your practice

      2. Economical

      • You do not have to buy new couplings, new motors or new handpieces
      • The service life of the KaVo LED is several times that of the high-pressure, quartz halogen bulb

      3. Superior light

      • Colour temperature similar to daylight
      • Optimum focus from integrated optics
      • No blinding glare from scattered light

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