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      W&H TA-97 Handpiece Turbine Cartridge

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      1. Detailed Information

      dental handpiece turbine cartridge supplies

      High Speed Handpiece cartridge compatible with W&H TA-97


      Technology data:

      1. Rotation speed:≥300,000rpm

      2. Noise≤68db

      3. Torque power: 0.6kg (standard head); 1.1kg (torque head)

      4. Shaft roundness: 0.001mm

      5. Dynamic pulse rate: ≤0.03mm


      1. Bearing are bought from the best bearing manufacturer in China.

      2. Impeller has been dynamic balance by the Germany machine. Enhance the useful life of the handpiece.

      3. Chuck power can keep 2.3kg after remove and install for 1000 times.




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