Dental Unit

Newest design economic dental unit chair W800

Newest design economic dental unit chair W800Specifications: Power:110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz 2A Air pressure:>0.55Mpa (clean non-oil dried )Water pressure:0.2Mpa~0.4MpaHigh-speed handpiece: No-load spe

Newest design economic dental unit chair W800


 Power:110V/220V  60Hz/50Hz  2A

 Air pressure:>0.55Mpa (clean non-oil dried )
Water pressure:0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa
High-speed handpiece: No-load speed≥300000r/min (four-hole)   
Work pressure:  0.25Mpa
Low-speed handpiece: No-load speed≥200000r/min (four-hole)
Three-way syringe for water, air and mist
Cold light lamp: AC 12V 50W      Degree of light density: Strong light: ≥16000Lux
Chrominance: 5000 K       Low light≥14000Lux
Constant temperature water heater:  AC 24V 60W;   Water temperature: 50℃±15%

Standard equipment & features:

24V noiseless DC motor
auto adjustable cup filler equipment(1set)
optional switch purified water & tap water system(1set)
Auto spittoon flush control system(1set)
 high and low sucker(1set)
Automatic constant-temperature water supply system (1set)
3-way syringe(cold / hot water) (2set)
low-voltage Panoramic- view film viewer (1set)
all- direction cold operating light (1set)
external water tank(1set)
down-hang instrument tray(1set)
cotton cup(1set)
foot controller switch(1set)
Luxury operating stool(1set)

Optonal Accessories:

♦4-hole high-speed turbine handpieceimported /domestic product    2 Pieces
♦4-hole low-speed turbine handpieceimported /domestic product     1 Piece  
♦Ultrasonic scalerimported /domestic product                       1 Set  

Curing light imported /domestic product                           1 Set  
♦Oral camera (imported /domestic product)                              1 Set
♦Fiber optic handpiece  
♦Fiber optic handpiece circuit board  
♦Fiber optic handpiece tube 

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