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      SSC-09 Stainless Steel dental furniture cabinet

      Original color stainless steel dental cabinet,size:W1790*D495*H850mm

      1. Detailed Information

      SSC-09 Stainless Steel dental furniture cabinet



      1. Cabinet body:Made of first grade stainless steel,each board of the cabinet is double plate,the surface of the cabinet body is metal wiredrawing,and anti-fingerprint treated.Cabinets are anti-corrosion,wearresistance, easy to clean, complying with the international medical standards.
      2.Tabletop: 18mm thickness artificial marble or tempered glass tabletop,high hardness,pure color,good wear and corrosion resistance,also easy to clean,healthy and environmental protection,anti-chemical.

      3. Soft closing drawers,work smoothly and quietly,make the dentist and patient comfortable when treating.

      4.Professional classcification trays designed for clinic,make your equipment and material in order.
      5.Exquisite kirsite handle.

      6.Built-in sealed medical trash bin keep the clinic clean and no smell.

      7.All the drawers can be locked and open with 1 lock,make you clinic safe and easy.

      8. 7 different colors available according to your decoration style,make your clinic beautiful and comfortable.

      9. Sensor tap avoid cross infection.



      Colors optional:

      color optional.jpg


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