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    1. Dental Lab Vacuum Forming Machine Molding Former

    Dental Lab Vacuum Forming Machine Molding Former


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    Portable Dental Lab Vacuum Forming Machine Molding Former WJZC-01


    This portable Vacuum Forming Machine is specially designed for dental applications. Its powerful vacuum motor provides immediate suction, surely creates accurate materials. Quick and easy vacuum forming for mouth guards, custom trays, base plates, temporary splints, bruxism splints, and copings. Solid steel construction for improved durability, long life and virtually no maintenance in a lighter-weight appearance.

    Technology data:

    Voltage: 220V/50Hz ± 10% OR 110V/60Hz ± 10%
    Power: 1000W
    Dimensions: 25 × 21 × 30cm
    Weight: 6kg


    Package With
    Main unit x 1
    Power cord x 1
    Manual x 1


    1. Heavy-duty vacuum motor provides precise downward suction
    2. Features a symmetrical heating system, ensuring uniform heat 

    3. Adjustable, rust-resistant body accommodates various materials
    4. Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications
    5. Non-rotating sliding frame makes operation easy and stress-free
    6. Compatible with all dental thermoplastics
    7. The motor of vacuum former is strategically placed below its 
    perforated stage, which creates a direct downward suction, ensuring the utmost precision.

    8. Durable and user-friendly, the machine will withstand years of rigorous use and prove to be an indispensable tool for any dental office.



    1. Decolorization braces forming and production

    2. Orthodontic appliances remain, arch molding and plywood production

    3. Periodontal disease, fluoride treatment and production of the molding tray

    4. Temporary, permanent base, dental care of the molding and production;

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